Barnabas Team – Who we are and what we do

The Barnabas Team is a network to discern, encourage and support spiritual development, enrich discipleship – leading to effective witness and mission. The Barnabas Team is led by a lay chair, includes the Retreats Facilitator and the Spirituality Advisor, and acts as a facilitator for, and generator of ideas on the support and value of spiritual development through retreats, the encouragement of spiritual direction and a strong emphasis on private and corporate prayer. The Barnabas Team is a general resource for a variety of ways in which spirituality is expressed in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.

Spirituality  – A broad concept with room for various perspectives; within the Barnabas Team; with reference to how we relate to God, to God’s word, God’s world and to God’s people being grounded in a lived experience, through the offering of spiritual direction prayerfully guiding individuals on their precious journey of faith in Christ Jesus our Lord and Saviour.

Discipleship – The wider context for our thinking about intentional Christian discipleship and disciple-making is the eternal mission of the Triune God, the Missio Dei, the redemptive love of Creator for creature, which is both the river pouring life into our daily walk with our loving heavenly Father, and the sea into which we offer our missional intent by the power of the Holy Spirit. – Intentional Discipleship & Disciple-Making – The Anglican Consultative Council, Lusaka, Zambia in 2016

Mission – The vocation or calling of the Christian church, as well as its members. (See the Five Marks of Mission)

Emphasis – The Barnabas Team meets regularly through Skype and face-to-face prayer and a bi-annual Quiet Morning, which includes prayerful reflection, in order to maintain the team’s essential emphasis and balance between ‘being and doing’,

Accountability – The Barnabas Team is accountable to the Bishop and to Synod through the Bishop’s Council and Standing Committee.

Do click on ‘Spirituality Resources’ to find materials that are recommended for use in your parish. The Barnabas Team values hearing from parishes in the Diocese regarding spirituality resourcing that can be shared with other parishes.

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