Jerusalem & East Mission Trust

Anglican property in Cyprus is owned by the Jerusalem and East Mission Trust (JEMT), which delegates the administration of the property to a management board of trustees in Cyprus, called JEMT (Cyprus). The primary responsibility of  JEMT (Cyprus) is management of church property in Cyprus, using the income realised from property rental to provide for payment of taxes, legal fees and ensuring provision for the future security of the property.

Current trustees are:

The Trustees are responsible only to JEMT in Britain and not to the Diocese, except that the Diocesan Synod monitors the accounts and approves the appointment of the Trustees. JEMT in Britain consults with the Diocese, and in particular with the Bishop, on all decisions of importance.

The Jerusalem and East Mission Trust Limited is a non-profit trust corporation registered in the UK, number 00244633.

Jerusalem & Middle East Church Association

The Jerusalem and Middle East Church Association (JMECA) has supported the Church in the Middle East for more than one hundred years. It continues to give valued support to the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf as well as to the other Diocese of the Province.

JMECA is closely allied to JEMT, the Jerusalem and the East Mission Trust. Visit the JMECA website for more information about their work throughout the Middle East region.

Bible Lands - the magazine of JMECA

Download the latest copy of “Bible Lands”.

JMECA is a registered UK charity, number 1158476.


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