On behalf of George Lewis’s family

23rd April, 2017

An open letter from Julia Lewis

To everyone who helped or supported me and Michael on the death of our son.

Thank you so much for your many emails, cards and letters sent to us on the death of our beloved son, George.  Each one of them has been filed carefully away in the hope that one day George’s two small nephews and even smaller niece will be able to see just how much George meant to his family.

There are thanks to be given to the Revd Canon Derek Smith of St Barnabas, Limassol who helped arrange for George to be brought into church the evening before his funeral and liaised with undertakers, servers and clergy.  It was a great consolation to us to see the coffin in the sanctuary so we could each place our gift on it.  We were able grieve in private.  The funeral mass was said by Archdeacon Robert Jones who had arranged the order of service and afterwards spoke movingly about seeing George’s school friends from Worcester at the altar rail.  Robert remembered them from Bishop Perowne School where Robert was the Chair of Governors.

I would like to thank everyonefor attending George’s Requiem Mass.  The church was full.  Also the many people who came up to Kalo Chorio to watch George’s burial.  His friends, brother and oldest nephew Jacob, helped carry the coffin and lower it into the ground. I did not expect so many people to attend.  The Orthodox priest from our village and many of our villagers attended the reception at the Maramenos Taverna in the woods.  George and I used to go for dinner there each Friday evening. Michael and I have continued to do so whenever we can.

The money collected at George’s funeral mass, and that given in lieu of flowers together with other donations is to go to St George, Baghdad.  Michael and I were there for Holy Week.  The priest there, Fr Faizintends to dedicate the new children’s play area of the Redeemer School to George.That seems to us to be a very fitting tribute.  George was always keen on sport, especially boxing about which he was very knowledgeable, so for a play area to bear his name pleases us hugely.

If there is anyone who wishes to add to George’s fund you are most welcome to do so.  It is not too late.  Please contact EvangeliaGeorgakaki at the Diocesan Office – finance.officer@cypgulf.org

There is one more thing I should like you all to do please, and that is to light a candle for him on May 17th, his birthday.

Thank you,

Julia Lewis, on behalf of Michael, Paul, Eleanor, and Jacob.

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6 thoughts on “On behalf of George Lewis’s family

  1. I am so pleased that both you and Michael and your family, have received such support following the death of your son, George.
    My George died on 30th November 2016 and his birthday would be on the 8th May. My mother Flora died 7 years ago last week and her birthday is on 17th May as well so I shall be lighting candles for them all!
    I should like to send something towards George’s fund but am not sure if I need a bank account number to make a bank transfer from the UK!

    Perhaps someone could help me that.

    Be assured that you are in our prayers.

    Sandi Richardson & June Llewellyn

    • Dear Sandi,

      I hope by now your donation has been facilitated. But if not you can email to the address of our finance officer in my letter of thanks to everyone for their sympathy, condolences, thoughts and prayers.

      Thank you for your kind posting.

  2. Dear Michael and Julia,
    With love a candle will be lit for George in St Eustachius Church, Tavistock. Devon. U.K. on May 17th

    • Dear Leone,

      Thank you in advance for your candle lighting on May 17th.

      On May 20th, 2 pm, at Callow End near Worcester, George’s sister is hosting a birthday picnic for George.

      You would be most welcome to come.

      Also thank you for the painting of our house.

      Love Julia

      • Dearest Julia,
        You are all so much in my thoughts today. I have sent a picture of George’s candle in St Eustachius through to bishop@spidernet.com.cy and hope this address is ok as we have lost your private email address off our system.
        The picnic is a most delightful idea and I wish we were nearer as I would most certainly go. Thank you for the invitation..
        We will be moving to Wainfleet soon subject to all being well with paper work and so on but our email will remain as it is.
        Love Leone

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