Class of 17 (languages that is!)

Following the Diocesan partnership with Queens College Newfoundland, a new Church Learning Group has been established in Doha, Qatar. The first meeting was attended this week by Diocesan Director of Ministry, Archdeacon John, along with the group facilitator, Fr Jebaraj and parish priest Fr Paul. The make-up of the group reflects the rich diversity of the parish, which boasts over 40 nationalities and who knows how many languages. This group includes just five nationalities but an incredible range of abilities and experience. Members are using the course as part of a process of vocational discernment and many hope to be selected for training as Readers at a selection BAP conference in the Spring. In welcoming the formation of the group, archdeacon John said, “a culture of vocation has clearly taken root here. It’s good to see such a talented group, many of whom are already involved in some form of ministry, from Friday School to Council membership, eager to deepen their theological understanding. I share their excitement.”
They are pictured as a group, and wearing their Queen’s College lapel badges with pride.

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  1. Congratulations and blessings on you from Queen’s College, St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador, Canada. We are so pleased to part of this wonderful development in your parish and diocese. Rick Singleton, Provost

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