St Paul's Cathedral Nicosia

Dean:  The Very Reverend Jeremy Crocker

St Paul’s Cathedral
2 Grigori Afxentiou Street
PO Box 22014
Nicosia, 1516
T: +357 22 445 221

The original St Paul’s was built in 1885 on nearby St George’s Hill which was found to be on unstable ground and declared unsafe!

This present building, constructed in 1893 and consecrated in 1896, was built from the materials of the first church which were taken down piece by piece, brought to the present location, and re-built in exactly the same configuration.

The church is very traditional in design.  You enter at the west door through the porch or Narthex into the Nave or general seating area for the laity.  The baptismal font is properly located at the west end reminding us that entry into the Christian Church is by Holy Baptism.  At the eastern end is the chancel with the choir stalls, the Dean’s prayer desk, and the pulpit.  Inside the altar rail is the Sanctuary and high altar.  Behind the altar is a row of three seats called a sedilia, the centre seat of which is reserved for the Bishop of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf.  The four seats to the right and left of the sedilia are nominally for the four Canons of the Cathedral who make up the Cathedral Chapter.  In 1952 the church was enlarged to the west by 20 feet as it was overcrowded each Sunday.

Above the seats is the Reredos built in 1904 as a memorial to the first vicar, Archdeacon Spencer, designed by the Curator of Ancient Monuments.  The three spires are in the English Gothic style of the 15th Century and the statues of St Paul and St Barnabas are copies of those in the Henry VII chapel in Westminster Abbey, London, England.  The Deanery next door, also called the vicarage, was built in 1930.

Music is provided by an electronic organ and by a clavinova.  Other instruments are used from time to time and hymns are led by an adult choir.  There is much singing in Anglican worship.  The Bell tower holds a single bell which is rung to announce services and at funerals and complies with the government “Bells Law”.

We have a daughter church in Troodos: St George in the Forest, which is used during the summer months and often for weddings.  Before the days of air conditioning, almost the entire government administration moved up to Troodos to avoid the summer heat.

The church is full of memorials in the English tradition.  The pulpit is a memorial to a priest who died here while serving the church, Archdeacon Northridge.  After the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf was formed in 1976, the church became the official Cathedral in 1981.  A Cathedral is a church in which the Bishop has his Cathedra, or throne (chair).  The priest in charge of a Cathedral is called either a Provost or a Dean.

The Church is used by many congregations during the week.  The Nicosia International Church, an American based protestant church, the Christian Assembly of Nicosia, a French speaking African church, the German speaking Lutheran church, the Finnish Church, and the Scandinavian Church.  On Saturday mornings, the Seventh Day Adventists worship in the parish hall.  Many other organisations use the church facilities throughout the week every day and every evening.

The Anglicans of the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf under the leadership of Bishop Michael Lewis enjoy good relations with our Christian brothers and sisters of the Greek Orthodox Church and with the Archbishop.

August 2012

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