St Paul's Cathedral Nicosia

Dean:  The Very Reverend Jeremy Crocker

St Paul’s Cathedral
2 Grigori Afxentiou Street
PO Box 22014
Nicosia, 1516

T: +357 22 445 221

The original St Paul’s Church was built in 1885 on St George’s Hill nearby which was found to be on unstable ground and declared unsafe.

This present building, constructed in 1893 and consecrated in 1896, was built from the materials of the first church which were taken down piece by piece, brought to the present location, and re-built in exactly the same configuration.

After the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf was formed in 1976, the church became the official Cathedral in 1981.

St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral is in the heart of Nicosia, the capital city of Cyprus. It is an international community drawn from all the continents of the world: a diverse mix of people of many nationalities, ages and backgrounds.We aim to welcome everyone, whether a visitor or a resident, whatever their religious background. We are always especially delighted to welcome those who are new to Nicosia and Cyprus and even from a variety of denominations who find their home with us during their time here.

It is our hope and vision that one will find the Cathedral and the surroundings a place of hope in this troubled world. A place where one can be at peace with God. A place to read his Word, and to speak and listen to Him.

The Cathedral is a living centre of prayer and home to many other communities who provide a variety of opportunities to grow in faith and/or to deepen our life together.

The Very Reverend Jeremy Crocker
Dean of St Paul’s Anglican Cathedral
May 2017

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