Bishop Michael’s address to the Friends’ AGM

Bishop Michael Lewis - Bishop in Cyprus and the GulfEvents that began with anger and disturbances in Tunisia have since February shaken much of the region served by the Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East. Egypt has seen the fall of Hosni Mubarak. Libya is torn geographically between Col Gaddhafi’s regime and the rebels. Syria’s al-Assad dynasty is struggling to deal with persistent heartfelt civil unrest and so far has responded with a heavy hand. Jordan saw protests against corruption among people of power. read on

News Update for the Friends AGM

Bishop Michael Lewis - Bishop in Cyprus and the GulfIn what follows I shall supplement and update what I wrote for the Friends’ gathering in April this year, the last to be held at Pilgrim Hall. I start with the chaplaincies, congregations, and local churches, this time first in the Archdeaconry of the Gulf and then in the Archdeaconry of Cyprus. You may care to follow what I say alongside what I wrote in April, beginning at the bottom of the second page. read on

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