Christ Church, Jebel Ali Celebrates 15 Years

March 8th marked the 15th anniversary of  the dedication of Christ Church, Jebel Ali. Thank you to Archdeacon Bill for presiding and preaching and to the other congregations who joined us (especially Al Saints CSI) for the celebration.

A Brief History of CCJA

The foundation stone for Christ Church Jebel Ali was laid on the 3rd of November 2000 and the Church was consecrated on the 8th March 2002 by Bishop Clive Handford. Representatives from other parts of the diocese came as well as hundreds of people from the Chaplaincy to a joyful ceremony thanking God for His blessings, and praying for the Rulers of Dubai who had graciously given the land.

The leadership of the church at first was from the wider Chaplaincy, including Revd. Denis Gurney from Holy Trinity Church,  Dubai and Revd. Bill Atkins from St. Martin’s Church, Sharjah, until the first resident priest could take up office in Jebel Ali.

Revd. Jim Wakerley was the first priest appointed to the church in December 2002. The congregation was small at first- Jebel Ali was in the middle of the desert, far from everywhere except Jebel Ali Village itself!

Revd. Canon Stephen Wright arrived in January 2004 and with the growth of Dubai outwards Jebel Ali came the growth too of the church.Revd. Tim Heaney became Parish Priest in January 2015.


Due to a retirement, a vacancy has arisen for a Cyprus based Trustee for the Jerusalem and East Mission Trust (Cyprus). The new Trustee will join an existing team of four Trustees plus a Treasurer and Secretary. Their primary responsibility is management of church property in Cyprus, using the income realised from property rental to provide for payment of taxes, legal fees and ensuring provision for the future security of the property. Trustees are not representative of any one parish, and act collectively for the good of the whole. Trustees must be prepared to travel to all parts of the island.

If you would like to be considered, please send a letter of application and CV to Mrs Anetta Stylianou at the Diocesan Offices to arrive before 24th April, 2017. Experience in the field of property management or project management would be counted as an advantage.

Christ Church on Tour

In anticipation of the 15th anniversary of Christ Church, Jebel Ali, Rev’d Tim Heaney and staff make a 240k round-trip tour of the Chaplaincy of Dubai and Sharjah with the Northern Emirates.

Jit, Jayna, Deacon Harry, Rizza, Fr Tim and Royden on tour.

First stop – Holy Trinity, Dubai.

Esther from accounts at Holy Trinity always gives a warm welcome and a big smile.

Ilyn, Sharmini, Ana,  Jack, Johnson, Kamran, Melvin, and Fr Harrison of Holy Trinity welcome the visitors from Christ Church.

Next stop – St Martin’s, Sharjah to visit Toms, Antony, Jaya, Fr Drew, Fr Arul Raj, and Fr Daniel Sadiq.

Fr Drew gives the grand tour at St Martin’s followed by lunch.

The Christ Church crew arrives at St Luke’s, Ras Al Khaimah to see Tony, Fr Jon, and Shyam.

Inside St Luke’s, Fr Tim comments, “Wow!  I forgot how big this place is!”, for which he is rewarded with extra cake at afternoon tea.

St Luke’s, Ras Al Khaimah is the end of the Line!  Now it’s time for the drive back to Jebel Ali.

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