scene@cypgulf – May 2013

Following the success of scene@synod this year, this ‘scene’ is way of keeping in touch with diocesan news in between synods. It will be published after each meeting of the Bishop’s Council / Standing Committee, which continues the work of synod throughout the year. We hope that this will be useful for synod members, council members in chaplaincies, and all who want to follow the development of diocesan work. This edition follows the May meeting of the Council, held in Abu Dhabi.

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scene@cypgulf May 2013


Scene@SynodWe are very pleased to publish our very first “scene@synod“, our new journal style account of all that happened at the Diocesan Synod this year. This initiative of the Diocesan Communications Team is designed to help more and more people taste something of the Synod experience, even if you weren’t there. This annual event brings together people from all over the Diocese and sets out all that the Diocese is doing. Decisions are made, debates are had, questions are raised, and as you will see a great deal happens besides that.

Here you will find details of all the decisions taken and reports received and hopefully get something of the flavour of each discussion and debate. And of course, the pictures tell their own story. This should be a good resource especially for Council members and for returning delegates. For those who have no idea what Synod is like or about, or how it might affect them, here is something to put into their hands.

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We hope you enjoy scene@synod.

John Holdsworth
Executive Archdeacon

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