Remembering Trees

Remembering Tree for Goodwill and Growth for Africa UK

“A place to remember, reflect and celebrate all the colours of life, a focal celebration of those we love, have loved and lost, and everything else in between,bringing communities together.” These words (and more) were on a display-board below this strikingly decorated tree, seen in Stratford-upon-Avon (England) during December 2013. Wrapped round the trunk and lower branches, a patchwork of knitted and crocheted squares promoting a charity project organised by Goodwill and Growth for Africa UK ( The plan was to dismantle the squares in January 2014, re-assemble them into blankets to be donated to a charity in Sierra Leone, and a charity for the homeless in England.

remembering-trees-5Almost immediately, this concept inspired the idea of creating a unique variation for the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf. It evoked a twinned inspiration; Bishop Michael’s memorable words spoken in his Presidential Address at Synod 2011: “People know, or think they know, Jerusalem. They as yet know little of Cyprus and the Gulf.  We must tell our story and invite others into it.” Added “drivers” in adapting the “Remembering Trees” concept for our chaplaincies and parishes were the themes for our Diocesan Synod last year and this, which were UNITY IN DIVERSITY and MINISTRY.  Out of these thoughts has evolved a description, a purpose, the energy and capacity, to create unique Remembering Trees relevant to our diocese.

Remembering Trees

“Focal points which reflect all the colours of life in our diverse diocese. Celebrations dedicated to those whom we love, have loved and lost, whom we support, encourage, and all else in between, uniting our chaplaincies and parishes in mutual outreach goals.”

As a result we wrote to all our chaplancies and parishes encouraging them to consider creating a “Remembering Tree” as a project for Advent this year.

Imagine! Our remembering trees will also have thick trunks and strong branches, such as …

Olive Trees

Olive Trees

Palm Trees

Palm Trees

The Aim: To UNITE the DIVERSITY of our diocese with a unique MINISTRY. What a story to tell and invite others into it.

When to start knitting? Now!

Trees to be displayed: During Advent 2014

Where? Chaplaincies/parishes could create their own Remembering Tree, or combine with another parish or community group to decorate a tree. Maybe in a church courtyard, vicarage garden, school grounds, or anywhere ….

Who will recieve the blankets that are made?  The Bishop’s Council/Standing Committee invites suggestions.

Preserving the story: During 2015 create a book – dedications, testimonials, visuals, stories about the story. But first to create the story …..

Square Size? 6 inches (15.5cm)

Blanket Size? Adult blanket size similar to an average single duvet cover: 48 “ x 78”- 104 squares. For children’s or babies’ blankets they would be smaller, so fewer squares.

How many blankets? No target, no expectations. Just hope with faith that the result will achieve the aim.

To know more contact

Angela Murray (in the Gulf)
M: +973 39612062

Canon Paul Maybury (in Cyprus)

Download the information sheet to share with your church community or group by clicking the button below.
Remembering Trees Flyer

Imagine “Remembering Trees” throughout our Diocese adorned with knitted and crocheted squares stitched together, each square dedicated to a loved one, or someone remembered for a special reason.

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