Social Outreach: Achieving Connectivity

The latest Social Outreach Forum in the Diocese of Cyprus and the Gulf was held in Nicosia Cyprus on September 19th. Over thirty participants met at the Home for Cooperation in the Green Zone of the capital. Every Island Anglican  Church was represented together with many of those organisations – faith based and secular – with which the churches partner to fulfil their social outreach mandate. This was the second such gathering, called together by Bishop Michael Lewis who said that he was pleased to hear so many positive accounts of doing good. The aim of the occasion was to inform, encourage and enable. Groups working with, and supporting work amongst: refugees, the poor, trafficked women and other vulnerable people shared their experience.
The Bishop (pictured here with some participants) described a major achievement of the day in terms of the connectivity it had brought about. A clear need for strategies to care for the carers was identified, and new partnerships were planned in this whole island event. One contributor summed up her feelings about the day. “Social outreach is often a lonely and frustrating business,” she said. “It’s great to realise just how much good work is being done. It’s an inspiration for us all.”
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2 thoughts on “Social Outreach: Achieving Connectivity

  1. I would really like to know more about your social outreach here in Cyprus. Since we also work with diaconia as an important aspects of our work, we might have things to learn and share.

    Eva, Scandinavian Church, Ayia Napa

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