Baghdad stands fast with Yezidis

The second Yezidi Conference hosted by St George Baghdad culminated on 8 June 2019, with a meeting that included Mr Mohammed Al Timimi (President of Iraq’s Directorate of NGOs) and Dr Ahmad Kataw (head of the National Diversity Organization), along with Ambassadors and other embassy representatives.

As well as raising awareness of the plight of the Yezidis, the week-long event focused on providing free medical treatment to a group of Yezidi women hosted by St George’s, in cooperation with St Raphael Hospital. The Conference heard that many Yezidi women struggled to access medical services, in some cases several years after their liberation from ISIS-held areas.

Dr Mariam, representative of St Raphael, was recognised for her work in providing healthcare to the Yezidis. Parish priest Fr Faiz Jerjes also thanked Mr Al Timimi for ensuring that issues highlighted at the Conference were shared with the office of the Prime Minister.

Other speakers included Conference coordinator and head of Rozza Shingal Yezidis, Mrs Resala, and Mrs Ban Atheer of St George School of the Redeemer – Al Fadi.

Mrs Resala addressing conference
Mr Sinan Kakarash of St George Baghdad
Mr Al Timimi receiving award
Mr Al Timimi addressing conference