Diocesan Forum on the Constitution held in Bahrain

It was good to welcome Bishop Michael and a senior management team from the Diocese – Executive Archdeacon John Holdsworth, Honorary Finance Officer John Banfield and Dr Helen Perry from the Diocesan Office for the first of a tour of forums on the Diocesan constitution.

We had three representatives including two priests from the Canterbury group and there were twenty Cathedral members, both from the Bahrain Anglican Church Council and those who were interested from the congregation.

An excellent three-course meal in the British Club, served very efficiently, was followed by a meeting in what was the Exercise room, all sitting round a large table.

Bishop Michael outlined the key Anglican fundamentals underlining the constitution and Archdeacon John followed it up by outlining the lengthy process that the revision of the Constitution had gone through. It was then open to the floor for questions and dialogue.

Hopefully this process will enable a revised Diocesan Constitution to be brought to the next Synod for final ratification. We are grateful that the grassroots of Diocesan life in the Chaplaincies have had the opportunity to engage with the senior leadership team in the Diocese in this process