Katherine Lyddon, Children’s Work Adviser, visits the Gulf

From the 13th to 19th  September 2018, St Christopher’s Cathedral  hosted the Exeter Diocese Children’s Work Adviser, Katherine Lyddon, at the beginning of the school year. Katherine has trained as a Primary teacher and, as well as working throughout the County of Devon in the United Kingdom as an adviser to churches in her present role, she has also taught in Uganda.

She arrived in Bahrain on Thursday morning and in the evening there was a meal in a local Indian Restaurant, which gave Katherine an informal opportunity to meet the Friday Club team individually as she moved around the table between courses.

Katherine meets the team over a meal

On Friday morning she spent time with the Friday Club children and young people, on what was their first session of the new school year, telling the story of creation.

On Friday evening she led the team in some retreat time and then moved on to exploring our vision and encouraged team-building, drawing in those who were new to the Friday Club team.

Katherine leads an interactive training session

On Saturday from 10am till 3pm she led a workshops, inspiring, encouraging and resourcing the Cathedral’s growing Friday Club team of volunteers. Sessions included subjects such as children and young people as key members of the church community, child development, different learning styles, providing a safe environment, and exploring varieties of ways in which faith grows.

Katherine demonstrates telling a story, building up a picture with felt

She also led a session Growing a family of faith for on Monday morning, 17th September, in the home of one of the Cathedral members and as well as telling a Bible story to the young children present.

Tuesday gave an opportunity to explore a little of Bahrain’s history and continuing rich culture with visits to the Bahrain Fort with its fine archaeological museum and the Craft Centre near the Cathedral, meeting several of the craftspeople there.

Tricia Butt and Katherine Lyddon at the Bahrain Fort

It was wonderful having Katherine with us and an inspiration to our Friday Club leaders. We are grateful to the Diocese of Exeter for releasing her for these two weeks, both here in Bahrain and moving on for a week in Abu Dhabi, and believe such purposeful visits are a very significant way of expressing our partnership.