Prayer Diary 15-21 August 2021

15 August

The Blessed Virgin Mary

Diocesan Retreat House – Katafiyio Pray for Maggie Le-Roy and all who make Katafiyio in Cyprus a place of refreshment, growth, and depth, and for all who will stay in its new location.

Larnaca: St Helena’s Church is located near the centre of Larnaca town, opposite busy bus stops. It is primarily a Greek Cypriot town, but with growing provision for tourists. Our weekly congregation is varied in nationality, and includes residents, seasonal ‘swallows’ and holidaymakers. We seek to serve God through our welcome, hospitality and care, to all and especially to those in need.


We praise God for worship faithfully offered at St Helena’s for so many years and continued online during the COVID-19 lockdowns. We give thanks to God for staying connected with one another through modern technology.


We rejoice that through the installation of our new ‘Cans for Kids’ collection point, we are contributing both to recycling initiatives and to the donation of needed medical equipment for children in hospitals locally.


We pray for the leadership of our clergy and the church council as they work together. Pray with us as we continue to draw closer to God through worship, discussion, biblical reflection and prayer.


Please pray with us also for all who struggle with frailty or incapacity. May they know the comfort of God’s healing touch and be restored to good health.


With us, please continue to pray for peace and reconciliation on this divided island; and for its ongoing support and care of asylum-seekers, refugees and those who are victims of human-trafficking. Pray for us at St Helena’s in our contribution to this work in the Larnaca district.


Faithful God, we are privileged and challenged to serve you here. Give us enquiring minds and the desire to know you more deeply; kind hearts to welcome and love others; hands to serve as we reach out to those in need, and feet to walk the way you would have us go.