Prayer Diary


Welcome to this installment of the diocesan prayer guide and directory.

The largest part of every week’s suggested intercessions and thanksgivings comes out of and has in most cases been written from within our parishes and chaplaincies. They – priests and people – ask the rest of the diocese, and all who use the guide, to be with them in prayer.

Additionally, at the start of each week I, as bishop, make a prayer request for one or other aspect of the life of the wider diocese and indeed sometimes of our Province and of the whole Anglican Communion, and at the same time mention is made of those ministries that serve our diocesan life across or beyond our parishes and chaplaincies.

I hope this framework will help the diocese and all its friends know that the voice of prayer is never silent, nor dies the strain of praise away.

As we are bound together in worship, service, and solidarity with one another and are very much richer for it, so we are one in Christ and find our true identity and life in him.

+ Michael Cyprus and the Gulf

Arabic Prayer Cicle

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Prayer Diary This Week

  • Sunday
    19 September

    Trinity 16

    Cathedrals Pray for St Paul’s and St Christopher’s Cathedrals, their deans Jeremy and Bill, their canons, and their people.

    The Retreats Ministry has its office in Nicosia run by the Retreats Facilitator. The main ministry being that of the Katafiyio Retreat at Angel’s Hills, Cyprus, the running of group and individually guided retreats in the Diocese and Province, and the giving of spiritual direction


    Thank God that despite the restrictions around Covid some people have been showing an interest in booking retreats at Katafiyio. Others in the Middle East and the Gulf have participated in Retreats in Daily Life on throughout Doha, the Middle East, and around the world.


    Thank God too that the Diocese has been able to use the Katafiyio Retreat at Angel’s Hills for group events following Covid guidelines. Give thanks for the staff at Angel’s Hills who have made us so welcome.


    As Cyprus begins to open up after an unsteady year, ask that God would lead people to Katafiyio to be refreshed for life and ministry.


    Ask that Priests and Parishes would be open to offering a variety of retreat opportunities to their congregations which will meet the needs of different personality types, cultures, and Christian backgrounds.


    As life seems to be returning to some kind of normal, ask that Maggie would know God’s leading as she plans for the future. What now needs to be done differently and what ways of doing things will be helpful to revert back to.


    Lord, breathe your life into us. Open our ears to listen for sounds of you around us; open our eyes to see evidence of your life in our world; open our minds that we will be challenged by knowing your life in us; open our hearts that we may be moved by you sending us out. We pray that as you breathe in us, we might breathe you out to our needy world. In the name of Christ, Amen