Secretaries go East

To share perspectives, expertise, and wisdom, the Provincial Secretaries of most of the forty constituent Churches that make up the worldwide Anglican Communion convened early in May in Hong Kong.  Their gathering overlapped with the meeting of the Anglican Consultative Council, the only one of the Four Instruments of Communion (the other Instruments are the Archbishop of Canterbury himself, the Lambeth Conference of Bishops, and the Primates Meeting) that includes laity and other clergy as well as bishops.

Seen here with Archbishop Justin Welby are a selection of the Secretaries, including, far left, our own Georgia Katsantonis, who in addition to her day job in Nicosia as Bishop Michael’s PA also oversees administration and liaison within our own Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East, in which Cyprus and the Gulf since 1976 has proudly taken its place alongside the Dioceses of Iran, Egypt, and Jerusalem:  surely the most variegated of all Anglican Provinces.