Cyprus Social Concern

The Anglican Church ‘welcoming the stranger’ in Cyprus: co- ordinating policy and practice in 2020-2021

These aims and activities were first formulated in November 2019 as a pledge in advance of The Global Refugee Forum. They have been uploaded on the UNHCR Global Compact of Refugees Digital Platform

at We are exploring ways in which we can continue this work during the weeks/months ahead affected by COVID-19.

The Anglican Church in Cyprus aims to:

  1. raise awareness among its congregations of the needs and gifts of refugees and asylum seekers within local communities
  2. enhance existing skills within its congregations in supporting refugees to reconstruct their lives with dignity
  3. challenge attitudes of discrimination and exclusion
  4. partner those of other faiths, and none, to counter violation of human rights of refugees and asylum-seekers in Cyprus
  5. co-ordinate its liaison with NGOs to provide targeted assistance

Supported by a designated social concern officer, it commits to addressing each of the above aims respectively by:

  1. disseminating information across its churches through various briefings and forums
  2. co-ordinating training on identified skills for those within church communities offering direct support to refugees
    1. promulgating an alternative narrative of hope underlining the mutual blessings of hospitality and inclusion
    2. preaching, teaching and modelling welcome and hospitality as biblically-based and practical expressions of support
    3. sharing good practice among individual churches, and with other faith-based and secular organisations
  3. engaging in individual advocacy and in sanctioned expressions of solidarity
  4. matching available gifts, skills and resources in its churches to the existing work of secular and faith-based NGOs


Anne Futcher

Archdeaconry Social Concern Officer

21.11.19 (updated 30.3.20)