Three new deacons to be ordained

Bishop Michael is pleased to announce that he will ordain Mrs Navina Thompson to the diaconate.  Her curacy will include chaplaincy to students and others at St Mark Famagusta within the wider parish of Ammochostos.  The ordination will take place at St Andrew Abu Dhabi, where she and her husband Canon Andy Thompson currently live and serve, on Friday 20 April shortly before she moves to Cyprus to take up her new ministry.  Please pray and give thanks for Navina, Andy, and their family as well as for the people of St Mark Famagusta, the parish of Ammochostos, and Fr Martin Phillips-Last, parish priest.

The bishop is equally pleased to announce that he will ordain Mr Justin Arnott and Mr Peter Day to the diaconate on Saturday 7 July at St Paul’s Cathedral, Nicosia.  Justin, who as Reader has been serving as lay chaplain at St Mark Famagusta, will be curate of the cathedral.  Peter, also a Reader, will in his curacy continue to minister in the parish of Ammochostos.  Pray and give thanks for Justin and Michelle, Peter and Joy, and the people of St Paul’s Cathedral and of the parish of Ammochostos, together with Dean Jeremy Crocker and Fr Martin Phillips-Last.